i follow hughes

(Italics are samples of Langston Hughes’ Theme for English B’)

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Write a page
And let that page come out of you –
Then, it will be true

i wonder if it’s that simple, Hughes,
you who rocked the flat table with the cold metal keys clacking
upon your typing paper for who?
i am twenty-seven, Chinese and Female, born in Toronto, Canada
i went to school at Riverdale, then York, then to an office
there’s a free admission to this college on the hill of my brain
i am the only student in my class
the steps from the hill lead down into my physical body
through a congested forest of tangled lines and proof of time
i cross a bridge of hope, leading to ambition and desire
where somethin’s always poking me for somethin’
i go up the elevator to my lonely room and sit down and write this page
it’s not easy to know what is true for you or me
but, i guess i, too, am what i feel and see and hear
hear you, hear me – do we talk on this page?
i like to dance, listen to music and be in love
i like a journal for a Christmas present
being Chinese and Female doesn’t make me not like
the same things that you like
so will my page be Chinese and Female?
being me, it will not be white or blue
but it will be
a part of you, instructor
you are America who sings of rivers
whatever flows from me must either come from the sky or Lake Ontario
Buddha spoke of rivers within which needs further discussion with you
but that is the world, today, in need of better footnotes
sometimes, you don’t want to be a part of me
think i’m silly, don’t you?
and we are, that’s true.
as i learn from you, i guess you learn from me
although you’re older – and a tall slim tree –
and somewhat more free
this is my page for Langston Hughes

© lyw