lywlyw's declaration of independence

i am the definition of Chinese
and don’t mistake my Chinese for
hers or his or theirs
this is lyw’s Chinese
and i am all Chinese
whosoever stands before me and those who stand behind
know that i will always be Chinese
maybe a little cheese, please, on top
if i please, then i please, Chinese
because i am Chinese
i was born Chinese
and who tried to teach me how to be, being born
the writing’s on that carefully dried rice paper
a spring roll of language wrapped around my tongue
tasty, tongue-tying, dripping with plum sauce
i’ll claim the language that first taught me to curse
so know this
whatever pavements or dirt paths i tread
that is where Chinese has been
however i lift my hand or turn my hip
that is what Chinese does
the stitches of red, embroidered silk
will be cool and soft against my skin
will not weigh upon me, somebody else’s
lyw crept into my face
the wear of rain and snow
and what is a lyw after she’s been
laid out on the rolls of Canadian copy paper?

to whoever thinks they have the voodoo charm to
disown me from my face
know that i have stolen their Gold Mountain
on my back
to a strange and lywlyw land

© lyw