hip hop lyw - to the boys that beat

you’re dealing in ‘ho’s
‘cause that’s as little as you know.
what other woman can you find,
fishing with that line?
‘ho’s, like designer wear, to look like you got it going on,
‘ho’s to throw like the heavy beats you put on
and how he goes,
on and on
on and on,
about how she was nothing but a
board that needed a nail
(ain’t nuttin butta, ain’t nuttin butta)
burger side order, needing soma yo’ so special sauce
damn! if she was any more than your piece o’ possession
half your song would be gone
what else would you have to rhyme
if a woman actually gave you real time?
what else could you rhyme?
if you had a real woman to find.
but, baby, gotta stay with the ‘ho’ thing
‘cause he can’t deal with the real thing
o no, might turn out he didn’t know how to use his thing
talk, talk, loud and bad’!
so’s to fill the space of the nothing you have to say.
maybe the music means more than what you have to say,
but what is hiphop, when that’s all you've got to say?
that she needed an ice pick in her brain,
that you got high here and you’ll get high there
crazy mix and beat
sadly staggered on lips still needing a teat
the master, the music and the mix
a wrap of licks and dicks, chocolate-cookie Twix,
a heady, say-something-to me, fix
Say something to me
Say something to me
master take a lesson
from The Roots taking us back
to a love for the soul: the Woman of Hiphop
keeping it real, so that when they touched
it was more than just a fuck.
aw, buddy’s just trying to have some fun
bitches never meant to fully understand
what wisdom there is in being a solid man.
Lord, have mercy,
this man’s living in Neverneverland!
never mind, launching off her face to get there.
why’s it this woman’s poor job
to get you off and flying?
to get you high by pushing herself down?
one day you’re going to need to make a better stand if you ever hope to be a better man
and what’s the soil that you sow
filled with cheap booze and the blood of ‘ho’s?
sitting on your mountain of dough
that’s really nothing more than your
puff, puff
and puff
baby, if you wants to go
on and on
on and on
baby better find a little fact
to make yourself a firmer track
and take your mind a little farther.

© lyw