lyw (lillian y wong) is a writer and dancer.  
Though generally very curious, lyw is most curious about the arts (including martial arts).  Sound and movement are central themes in her creative writing as well as fodder for her non-fiction work in feature articles, reviews, and content writing.
Between 2003 - 2010, she led an arts, community website called, This Business of Dance and Music.  Her articles were written for this site, many of which were reprinted in other websites and translated into different languages.  This site was also the result of a key piece in her writing -- driven once through the body and twice through the brain into the poetic form called: "This Business of Dance and Music."  
lyw spent her post-English major-writing career publishing pieces of poetry and short fiction in literary journals such as beet-red, INK, the Dandelion, the Diviners and Existere.  lyw has led several creative writing workshops within her community.  She is currently studying playwrighting and social media and is drafting a two-act play.
Other sources of inspiration flow from her studies in food, education and wellness (qi gong, yoga, meditation). 




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