tumbling out of yin

press play, and force the ears
to tumble us out of yin
accept, darling
that the day is hot around our cold, vast caverns, and that
if the mind should wander –
recall the body
what do I have?
a lost rhyme that had us banging in the 80’s
ah, fashion-forward late eights to wake the soul
pop music flowing down to the watering pot
let our arms flower us upwards
until the Sun clasps our wrists
pulling us out and asking us to marry him
where we’re homeless and free
darling, you better wake up if you want to take that kiss and have enough
to come back from this adolescent romance,
stretch long the spinal column, and wonder at how the hips unroll,
he needs our resistance
to make real strength work
the undulating roots, further down

© lyw