girl, on climbing

girl, it appears that we find ourselves
in mountainous regions
and although i am more inclined to dig
you would rather climb
both are easier with company
and since i would rather not stay here any longer
i will follow you for a bit
though i don’t know where you are going.
do you?
girl, do you think that perhaps
we have seen these walls before?
are these stones, these vast empty spaces
between us and the ground
really asking to be remembered and redone?
are you seriously enjoying this,
or are you just seriously stubborn?
since i definitely would rather not stay here any longer
i will follow you for a bit.
Though, where you going, girl?
Do you even know?
why don’t you come down to my left and i will rise to your right
we can then hang ourselves somewhere in between
moments in suspension are always easier
with a little conversation and encouragement.
especially when you keep
spare granola bars in your pack,
and i, a little chocolate
i see that these mountains have all been redone
in well-constructed hooks and holds
to fasten the glitter of both our accessories
and insurance policies
these are the times, you say,
to trust that this line holds me
not the other way around
and to reconsider the face of the wall
that i have braved to release
i say it’s frowning at me, but
that’s not quite what you meant
girl, begin again a little ahead of me
and i will follow for a bit, where i now agree
i may have been before
though i dug deeply from the other side
of this body of rock

© lyw