Mr. Eden Everlasting

let this unbooked girl, who aspires to write
slap you hard in the face
and arrest those noble suicidal tendencies.
Again! and force this pain to raise roses against your sun-god cheeks
if you wish to remove or abuse me, you will need to regain that
ambition that should have made you want to die better
you will burst open all the wounds, in this act
with a fury of red petals, finally surrendering to yes,
unlearn your intellect; remember God
and then we can get back to this most unfinished work
Again! how did I find my way into your rooms?
you fool, you had yourself printed
where no laundry press could ever straighten you out
Again! How did we meet here?
i am the Weakness and Failure that prevails your Mythology;
who bought your Story to help me to write
and all i found was this beautiful mess.
no more tricks! to any class or study
to neither your Self or your Others
nor to your limbs or your organs
let each petal explode with laughter
and let’s reshape this ambition into remembering
that no class of merchant or fool, you or i,
can measure what must be done,
yesterday i was still not a genius or a writer
and i called you my brother
you remember me that writing is not my punishment
i do not write for love but with love for you
Martin Eden everlasting

© lyw