mi peludo dulce

why would God make such a peculiar treat?
a sugar so rough and difficult to taste?
then again, what other dessert can take me in his arms
and make me feel softer than custard and sweeter than honey
there is an art to knowing this delight
my mouth must search through the little blades around his face
to discover his kisses taste like melted chocolate
while my hands must remove the cotton and denim wrapping
to uncover the longer hairs
that will tickle my skin and caress my legs
i believe this to be the most peculiar sweet
one that i could not buy at any restaurant or store
this is homemade confection
stirred and prepared with many secret ingredients
over many histories and many, many dreams
and perhaps this is why God protects and hides him
in such a fuzzy and furry porcupine disguise?

© lyw