strip the boxer down

Corporate Design
strip the boxer down
of all the epic battles and film noirs
cuz these secret pacts between you and the hearth
are always going out

what’s there left to fight with then?

a starving man with knocking knees
who can't hold up his gloves

a weeping rag cowering in the corner
who can’t withstand the blows

a naked woman, not ready for pretty
who can’t block the lights

sure don’t look like much, does it?

but you have to strip the fighter down
to those weaknesses that endure
and teach them how to box

for those bones will shape the knife
that will cut through
these fatted, weathered centuries

into one and glorious day,
though boxing is never worth what it should be
we still finish our work
on this worn stinking canvas
in this older than old gym
listening to Coach remind us
the sun actually does
rise and set in you

© lyw