the river

Corporate Design
we were halfway through the task of finishing

an R & B after-business hour

in relative relation to each other

when the river returned

from the kitchen doors

through the centre of the crème-coloured lounge

gurgling and sputtering where autumn leaves choked its path

maple petals wound round our feet, cushioned on cashmere

the scent of earth and algae mixed with delicate cocktails and wines

the river climbed up the bar and flowed down

                        over the coffee tables, over the conversation

waiting to froth and burst upon our lips

                         drench us in cold fullness

the dry heat from the golden lights crackled against the splash

the flames atop the candles swayed from the rush


one more of these held moments before I kneel down to drink the water

before we return to the flow

one more gentle impression of lipstick on his cheek and a dance together

as the waiters rotate around us

like a white and gold carousel, laced in black ribbon

© lyw