Corporate Giant

Corporate Design
he likes the idea of returning to an acreage in the Prairies
where he grew up and his father retired
a flat land that made him believe
the whole world might be visible to his eye
and his home went that far
so he moves to Toronto, and drives his ship powerfully
with just one right wing
casts his mighty shadow over all: a black squirrel
sitting behind the glass doors of his reception area
he says there’s going to be rain; it’s time to go under
and while imagining all the flock that would shelter by his acorn
it surprises nobody but him
that the squirrel admires more than his potential portfolio
squirrels act funny in the cities, he surmises
a land less flat and dry
more jittery, for sure
with the skyscraping trees and underground shrubs
these days so short and nights so long
have confused her into thinking
she should keep digging
like there has to be something more
she wants him to believe in fiction and
breathe both sun and moon salutations
but he is always going back to that acreage
for something he won’t name
distracts her with a larger ship
and lifts further away
even when God comes down
and they rise amongst the ash
he still goes to work every morning
to sift through every loss and gain
until the next great ride pulls up
to take him far away
and he is always returning to that lost acreage
retiring with the child and father’s land
but he leaves a soft brown shell behind
as a shelter for something he won’t name

© lyw