painting picassos

Corporate Design
there is a girl who paints the portraits
of travelers walking by
though, she confesses, she is really trained in
food, philosophy, boxing and espionage
not every traveler stops
for the time needed to decide
what kind of picture they are
and where their brushstrokes should fall
but with what she can do
she tries to repay them with
one seriously fine dish
two maracas for their noodle
several fights for their dreams
and a total invasion of privacy
the picassos are, of course, hers to keep
one day she painted this boy
who stopped to look at the city view
saying he didn’t know anything about painting
but liked to see things done well
well, she confessed, she wasn’t really trained
though she believed
every idea needs a good frame
not a fancy one -- just a good one
to keep it all together
cuz paint will swirl, move and change
and, sometimes,
she got more on herself than the canvas!
he said the first part sounded right;
the second not so much
but might as well keep going
and see where it all ends
this boy was abstract, for now
with primary colours and nameless shapes
pushing in waves upon the edges
of his good simple frame
and when he tried to convince her
to add some lines and angles
she asked, should we really aspire to geometry
to draw our finer points,
when our brushstrokes did rather fall
on a more syncopated rhythm?
a rustic Cumbia, in fact,
from this makeshift Baroque
shaking and lifting out Plato and his stories
from the dancing kaleidoscope of travelers’ dust;
a magic tambourine
better to stay in time
than keep it in the lines,
she said.
but with what she could get done,
she paid him,
one herbal tea with honey
three salsas and a tango
several bites on that need
to decide what this fight is for
and a scratch on his backdoor.


© lyw